Upon using www.famstore.co (“Site”), please read the conditions written below.

Every natural and legal person who benefits from the services offered on the Site or accesses the Site in any way is deemed to have accepted in advance that he has read, understood and is bound by the following conditions and also the changes that may be made by using the service on the Site or by continuing to use the Site.


Abbreviations used in this Website Terms of Use are as follows:

FAM: Selen Gürsoy

Site: The website with the domain name www.famstore.co and all related web pages.

Visitor: A person who is a registered (member) user or an unregistered visitor, accessing the Site, browsing the Site, downloading any part of the Site or leaving a message to the Site, uploading or using the Site or its content in any other way.

Terms of Use: These are the regulations regarding the conditions of use to which the Visitors are subject, together with the amendments that are made and may be subject to from time to time.


2.1. From the moment you start using the Site, you gain the right to access, use and receive commercial communication, commercial electronic messages, certain services, interfaces and functions offered on or through the Site. A number of additional terms and conditions may apply to the use or interaction with certain services on the site. For any service offered by FAM, you will be deemed to have accepted the Terms of Use by selecting “acceptance and approval” steps if you have to optionally become a member or open acceptance statement.

2.2. If you are in the belief that you may not meet the requirements stipulated in the Terms of Use or meet the approval / permit conditions, that you do not have the right, authority or license to sign contracts according to the laws you are affiliated with or if you are over 18 years old or if you have limitations (since your acceptance statement will not be legally valid) please do not use Site and FAM’s services.


3.1. Unless otherwise stated, the intellectual and industrial property rights of the Site and the title, business name, logo, trademark, patent, name domain and other elements on the Site belong to FAM and are under the protection of national and international law. The visitors are granted access to the Site via the internet for the purpose of obtaining personal information, product and service promotions. However visiting the Site or using the services on the Site does not give the visitor any rights regarding intellectual property.

3.2. Part or all of the Site or the information and content of the Site shall not be copied, reproduced, distributed, published, transferred, modified, added or removed in any way; may not be used without permission.

However, you may use the information on the Site to obtain personal information without any commercial or interest purpose, and you may transfer it to the third parties only for the purpose of personal informing, provided that this information is obtained from the Site owned by FAM and is bound by all terms and conditions contained herein.

3.3. The intellectual property rights of third parties' names, logos, brands and other materials and content provided as part of the services on the site belong to their rightful owners.


4.1. It is forbidden to violate or to attempt any violation to the security of the Site and the services offered by FAM. Legal action to be taken against those who attempt such violations. The persons who committed the violation are financially, legally and criminally liable to the FAM and/or the third person whose right has been violated under the law.

4.2. In the event that a person does not comply with the Terms of Use or attempts to violate the rules, regardless of the violation is made or not, FAM reserves the right to reject, suspend, delete or subtract the information on the system as well as to suspend, terminate or cancel membership of Visitors or third parties acting on their behalf without prior notice. Failure of FAM to exercise this right does not mean that they have given up their rights or accepted the violation.


5.1. When the Site is visited, web servers automatically start collecting information to enable the Site to communicate with the Visitor’s computer. The number of visits, areas/sections of the Site preferred, IP addresses, domain type, browser type, date, time, and circulation on the Site may be monitored, controlled and stored in accordance with the law.

5.2. Usage/visiting of Site implies that the Visitor permits FAM to the collection, processing and storage of the specified information. FAM will ensure the security of the visitor's personal information by taking necessary care within its technological and economic possibilities.


6.1. FAM is not responsible for any damages caused by attack, virus, error, malfunction, interruption, delay or technological material regarding the use of the Site. FAM and / or individuals or organizations empowered by FAM shall not be held responsible for direct and or indirect, material or moral, negative or positive damages and expenses arising from accessing or not accessing the Site and from using the information the Site both directly and indirectly.

6.2. FAM does not have any legal or criminal liability in accordance with the general customary nature of the Internet for the articles, information, comments, news, images that visitors, advertisers and sponsoring companies may have posted on the Site; any content that is uploaded and published on FAM servers by third parties, including information and comments obtained thereby, but not limited to those listed or published.

6.3. This site may and provide information about the lower and upper sites operated by third parties or contain links to such sites, which FAM does not own and operate. FAM does not guarantee that the content, compliance, security, privacy or communication regarding these linked sites will be maintained at all times. FAM shall not be held responsible for the content, services and applications of these sites. Similarly, when a link is given to the Site with or without the permission of FAM from other sites, FAM has no responsibility for the structure resulting from the inability to control such links. When you use any of these links, the privacy terms and conditions of the FAM system will not be valid, and you will be solely responsible for your access, content, use and information provided on the linked websites.


7.1. FAM reserves the right to change the information, forms, products / services and all kinds of content on the Site, especially the Terms of Use, at any time. These changes will be effective from the date of publication on the site.

7.2. All the warnings and written statements are read, understood and accepted by the Visitor. In case of any claim, request or conflict in this regard, the texts on the Site and all other written and electronic records of FAM will constitute exclusive evidence.

7.3. Any dispute, controversy or claim arising under or out of Terms of Use is subject to the laws of the Republic of Turkey. Istanbul (Çağlayan) Courts and Enforcement Offices have exclusive jurisdiction over such dispute.

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