This Policy has been prepared to inform Site visitors and customers ("Buyer") regarding the shipment and delivery of the products ordered through www.famstore.co ("Site") belongs to Selen GÜRSOY ("FAM").

As a rule, FAM is responsible for the delivery of the product in accordance with the qualities specified in the order. However, regarding the delivery of the products ordered by the Buyer and the payment of which has been completed, the relevant provisions in the Distance Sales Agreement ("Agreement") signed between the FAM and the Buyer remain valid.


Upon the e-mail indicating that the order has been approved is sent to the Buyer, the product is given to the courier company (Yurtiçi Kargo) with which FAM has an agreement.

If the stock of FAM is available and after the payment is completed, delivery of the product is made within 30 (thirty) days from the date when the order was approved, provided that the delivery of the product becomes impossible.

The delivery of the product to the Buyer within 30 (thirty) days, which is the legal maximum period, is “timely delivery”. If the product cannot be delivered to the Buyer within this period, the Buyer's right to terminate the Agreement is reserved.


The buyer may request that the product be delivered to a different person / organization during the order. In addition, your first-degree relative, whose surname is consistent, can take your orders by presenting an identity. The signature of the person who receives your package is requested by courier at the delivery address.

If the product subject to the contract is to be delivered to another person / organization from the Buyer and the person / organization to be delivered is neither in place nor accept the delivery; FAM cannot be held responsible for any damages and expenses (eg extra shipping costs) that may arise from the inaccuracy and / or deficiency in the delivery information provided by the buyer.

In case the invoice address specified by the Buyer differs from the delivery address; Buyer accepts, declares and undertakes to pay possible extra fees (such as additional shipping fee for delivery of the invoice to the relevant address)

In order to change the delivery address specified in the Contract or the receiver information after the ordered product has been shipped by FAM, Buyer must get help from the Yurtiçi Kargo Call Center.


As a rule, FAM cannot be held responsible for the delivery of the product ordered to the Buyer or the person / organization authorized by the courier company due to any problems encountered during the delivery of the product to the Buyer.

However, if the Buyer/receiver thinks that the package (protection tube) and / or the product inside is damaged (tearing, bursting, crushing, wetting, etc.) during delivery, Buyer/receiver has right to:

1- Not accepting delivery of the damaged packages, and asking courier to record a report (Damage Assessment Report) and return the package unsealed.

2- Unsealing the package at the time of delivery in the presence of courier, checking the health of the products or having them checked by the courier and recording a report if the courier is of the opinion that the package or the product in it is not damaged.

Reports should be prepared in two copies, with one copy to be kept by Buyer and the other copy to be handed over to the courier.

  • If the Buyer/receiver does not accept the package and records a report, the report and the incident should be notified to FAM by e-mail immediately. In this event, FAM shall ensure that the delivery is repeated as soon as possible.
  • If the Buyer/receiver thinks that there is a problem / error due to the delivery, but fails to keep a record as stated above for a justified reason, FAM shall be notified immediately and at the latest on the day of delivery of the product. Photoes of the product and its package must be taken and sent to info@famstore.co via e-mail. In this case, FAM will contact the Buyer regarding the delivery and return process within 3 (three) business days.

Without any objection by the Buyer/receiver of the package; without the written record indicating that the delivery is made defectively or differently than specified, or without further proof of this unpleasent situation, FAM is considered to have fulfilled its delivery obligation.


The delivery obligation of FAM ends by delivering the ordered product to the Buyer or the authorized person / organization at the address where the Buyer has stated in the Contract.

If, for any reason, the product price is not paid by the Buyer or the payment made is canceled by the bank, FAM is deemed free from the delivery obligation.

The rights and obligations of the Buyer and the FAM are clearly stated above titled “Problems That May Occur During Delivery”. In this case, Buyer and FAM reserve their rights and requests from each other and also from the cargo company.


Shipping fee will be paid by the Buyer and added to the total amount of the order. However, FAM may not put the entire shipping fee or a part onto the Buyer depending on the campaigns determined on Site at the time of sale.

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