By Eylül Deniz Ergun


  • Limited Edition of 20.
  • Printed with inkjet printer on 230 gr matte coated paper. 
  • Available in three sizes: 50x70 cm, 35x50 cm, 25x35 cm. 
  • Matted for easy framing. 


  • Regular wooden frame or magnet wooden frame options. 
  • Framed without matting with clear PVC protector in three colors: black, white and natural. Frame width is 1.5 cm. 
  • Regular framed product is shipped in a flat cardboard box. Magnet frame is shipped in a poster tube with the artwork.

The edition number and the artist stamp are indicated at the back of the artwork. An additional limited edition card is sent with the framed works. 

Regular Price
370 TL
Sale Price
20 TL

Eylul Deniz Ergun (Ankara, 1993), graduated from Izmir Economy University’s Faculty of Architecture and later got her postgraduate degree in Advanced Architectural Design. She continues her education in Cultural Management at Bilgi University and likes to draw unhappy girls and blank stares while rewatching series or films. The most important fact about her is that she was Zeki Müren in her previous life. You should know that this information that the artist obtained by solving a personality test on the internet in 2001 is definitely valid.


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