famstore° is the illustration gallery of fam°, a creative hub for artists and designers from Turkey.

Each year we curate an exhibition and gather a collection of limited edition illustrations. This year was an exception though. We did a half collection at the end of 2020 hoping that it will bring us luck in 2021. Not sure if it worked, but it was worth trying...

The collections that are live on famstore° right now are, therefore, from our digital exhibition game Ozmoz, and our mid season collection: Collection No: 2.5.

You can watch the stop motion animation of the Collection No:2.5 or play Ozmoz to experience the illustrations on other artistic mediums.

Our Story

When we decided to put more illustrations on the walls of our home but had difficulty in obtaining artworks from our favorite artists we asked ourselves: “How can we access these illustrations?” The second we asked this question, a portal opened to the universe of fam°.

What began as a digital illustration gallery soon evolved into a creative hub that supports artists via various mediums. fam° now represents artists from Turkey, designs creative experiences and curates artistic collaborations.


2021 Open Call

Our second open call for artists who want to join our community! Deadline is March 1st.

Ozmoz won 4 awards! 

Our digital exhibition game Ozmoz won 4 awards at the most prestigious media award ceremonies in Turkey.

From Kristal Elma Ozmoz won:

Digital Solutions
Digital Installations and Event Design
Most Innovative Technology/Digital Media Usage 

From Felis Awards Ozmoz won: 

Usage of Point of Contact Technologies 

We are very proud! Congrats to the team that made it happen!

Check Out Our Latest Exhibition Game Ozmoz! 

Travel within illustrations with Ozmoz!

Ozmoz is an exhibition game where 23 2D illustrations are turned into 3D rooms.


Our Interview With Yabangee. 

NABIZ: Our First Fine Art Exhibition

9 January - 15 January 2020

Bıyıkof, Cansu Bayrambey, Dünya Atay, Ece Ağırtmış, Eda Çağıl Çağlarırmak, Elif Demir, Eylül Deniz Ergun, Günseli Sepici, Hande Koçhan, Kafaless, Maya Kurdoğlu, Melih Çebi, Meltem Şahin, Ozan Atalay, Selin Tahtakılıç, Tutku Sevinç, Uğur Altun, Yaren Yavuz

Opening: The Circle, 9 January, Thursday, 18:30 - 22:00

Pulse exhibition brings together limited edition fine artworks and original pieces of 18 fam° artists. fam°s newest exhibition is named after the token of life, pulse. Through fragmented body parts, transgressive forms or hidden souls, every artist presents a different approach to the significance of a living body. In a time where the philosophical base of artistic creation is becoming more and more fluid, artists once again direct our attention to the body, the only tangible and relevant factor of our reality. 

Stop Exhibition

STOP Exhibition was designed as a relaxing opportunity within a collective exhibition space. During İstanbul Arts and Comic Festival each participating artist/collective were given a space within an old historic building. Thinking that these type of events tend to tire its visitors, we turned our space into a living room where you can stop and relax for a moment. We even had an old TV, where we displayed some animations.

famstore° Opening Exhibition! 

10 June 2019

Our very first exhibition! It was a one day pop up event where we displayed the first collection of famstore° and some animated GIFs of several artists. We also had a collective artwork performance! More than 400 people came to our opening in Yapı Kredi bomontiada, İstanbul Turkey.

Open House Event 

April, 2019

Our first gathering as fam°. We checked the new prints and made artists stamps from linol. 

Photoshoot for famstore°


Each artwork in our selection is limited edition and printed with an inkjet printer on 230 g matte coated paper.


We’ve put together thematic collections for you! With these artful arrangements, you can create a well-thought and balanced selection to put on display.

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